Data quality, reimagined

Foundational is the proactive way to prevent data incidents from happening in the first place.
Avoid firefighting and bring back confidence to everyone who is writing code for data.

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A new approach to data quality

Many data quality issues should not have happened in the first place.
Use Foundational to identify and stop these at the source, before the code is deployed.

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We inspect all code changes that impact data, across every repository

Some issues happen in code written in the data team. Other issues happen by software engineering change an event format or a schema. All of these can be prevented.
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Full downstream impact, immediately available in any pull request

Engineers that understand the full impact of their code are faster, more effective, and a lot more confident. Improve the organization’s efficiency by streamlining data development.
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Cross-project communication, done right where it matters

Different teams live in different repositories, with different tools and processes. Fortunately, everyone lives in git - so that different teams can work together and better collaborate around data.
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A new approach to Data Management

Use Foundational to prevent issues, automate lineage, and save costs across every repository in the organization. 
It takes less than an hour to deploy.

Foundational is now fully embedded into our development process, allowing our teams to easily sift through pending code changes and understand the
full downstream impact on tables and dashboards. We were able to really take down the amount of surprises code changes used to introduce.
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Eyal El Bahar
VP BI & Analytics