Find, fix, and prevent data issues
before any code is deployed

Data relies on your code. Identify code and optimization issues in real-time, prevent data incidents pre-deploy,  and govern data-impacting code changes end to end—from the operational database to the user-facing dashboard.

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Making Data Developer-Friendly

Foundational is the first Data Management Platform that ties together code and data,
providing developers the context and confidence needed to build safer, faster, and at scale.

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Find and fix issues
code is deployed

Native GitHub integration makes it seamless for every developer to use Foundational in their existing workflow, across every repository.

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End-to-end lineage,
in real time

Automated, column-level data lineage, from the operational database all the way to the reporting layer, ensures every dependency is analyzed.

Column-level lineage across the entire data stack

Fully automated with zero code or configuration changes needed

Lineage is always up-to-date with the latest code merged

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Data contracts enforcement,
automated by code

Foundational automates data contract enforcement by analyzing every repository from upstream to downstream, directly from source code.

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We like to think of Ramp as a very data-focused company.
With Foundational, we’re saving precious time knowing we don’t need 
to go and inspect every single code change, with our code being 
programmatically checked before it could break our pipelines.
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Kevin Chao
Data Platform

Ready to get started?
For Everyone

Find and prevent data issues, cost deficiencies, and privacy risks. 
Foundational can be deployed in less than an hour.


Check everything that is touching data

Foundational analyzes source code, queries, schemas and metadata
across every step in the data lifecycle, throughout the organization.
Absolutely no dev work needed - not now, not later.

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Foundational is now fully embedded into our development process, allowing our teams to easily sift through pending code changes and understand the
full downstream impact on tables and dashboards. We were able to really take down the amount of surprises code changes used to introduce.
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Eyal El Bahar
VP BI & Analytics