Governance, streamlined

Foundational is the easiest way to get column-level lineage across the entire stack.
Get coverage from the operational database, through data lakes and warehouses to BI.

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A new approach to data governance

Column-level lineage is still a huge challenge today, in particular outside of the warehouse.
Foundational is solving this through code analysis, AI, and automation.

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Discoverability across every pipeline

Foundational captures lineage and asset information from repositories, databases, data warehouses, and reporting tools.
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Fully automated column-level lineage

A combination of source code parsing, query log analysis, and metadata extraction, ensures that lineage is updated to the latest commit.
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Cross-team alignment

Every stakeholder can define alerting rules to ensure that every upstream update is communicated before it can affect data.
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A new approach to Data Management

Use Foundational to prevent issues, automate lineage, and save costs across every repository in the organization. 
It takes less than an hour to deploy.

We like to think of Ramp as a very data-focused company.
With Foundational, we’re saving precious time knowing we don’t need 
to go and inspect every single code change, with our code being 
programmatically checked before it could break our pipelines.
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Kevin Chao
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