Automated contracts
derived from code

Easily change dbt
Without breaking Looker

Your existing data flows contain thousands of unknown, untracked dependencies. Foundational automatically maps these into rules and policies you can control.

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Guardrails that keep your data safe

Create automated rules and custom policies to keep everyone aligned
around data changes - from producers, to consumers and stakeholders

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Simple, scalable way to implement contracts

Uncovering hidden dependencies creates a faster route 
to implement rules and policies in an existing data stack.
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Rules that map back to your code

Breaking schema changes are detected at the source, 
ensuring rogue or accidental updates do not harm the data.
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Coverage across every repository

As data moves across multiple projects and repositories, 
a single plane of rules ensures consistency
Guardrails that keep your data safe Illustration


Ready to try our
automated contracts?

We’re creating something new

Foundational is a new way of building and managing data:
We make it easy for everyone in the organization to understand, communicate, and create code for data.

What types of frameworks and repositories do you support?

Foundational supports SQL, Python, and Scala. We specialize in analyzing common data development frameworks such as dbt, Spark, Airflow, SQLAlchemy, and many others. Ask us to learn more.

How do you integrate with git?

We provide a native GitHub integration through the GitHub App Marketplace. GitLab support is coming soon.

How do you enforce data contracts?

We detect schema changes and semantic issues through code analysis before the code is merged, allowing us to flag violations, whether explicitly defined by a contract, or implied by existing dependencies.

What types of data contracts can you define?

We currently focus on changes to schema and data freshness, which can all be evaluated from code and metadata. Foundational doesn’t access the data itself.

How does the setup look like?

Foundational can be set up in less than an hour, by authenticating us to the relevant GitHub repositories and to any BI tools. No code changes or integration work are needed.