Cost optimization, automated

Use Foundational to optimize warehouses cost, from the source.
Prevent cloud cost spikes and embed cost savings into the development flow.

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A new approach to cloud cost optimization

Unused and unoptimized data pipelines continuously drive-up warehouse costs. Foundational identifies cost issues at the source code stage, to streamline savings.

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Identify cloud cost issues at the right time

Data teams today are reactive to cost issues,  discovered only when you’re invoiced. Embed cost-saving into the development phase to make it easier and more efficient to save.
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Automatically expose cost deficiencies

That data pipeline that is no longer used will run until someone finds it. Use Foundational to expose areas which drive up costs but do not add business value.
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Report on cost issues (Soon)

Every free trial includes a cost optimization report, no matter how big the stack is. 
Get value and prove out immediate ROI, just by trying us out.
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A new approach to Data Management

Use Foundational to prevent issues, automate lineage, and save costs across every repository in the organization. 
It takes less than an hour to deploy.

Foundational is now fully embedded into our development process, allowing our teams to easily sift through pending code changes and understand the
full downstream impact on tables and dashboards. We were able to really take down the amount of surprises code changes used to introduce.
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Eyal El Bahar
VP BI & Analytics